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Dr. Jeremy Mirabile, Addiction Expert, Speaks to News4JAX on the Dangers of Adderall Abuse

Local Healthcare Specialists See a Spike in Abuse of Adderall by Jacksonville Students

Be Aware of the Dangers and Health Risks of Adderall Abuse

Dr. Mirabile Comments on Adderall Abuse on News4JAXWJXT Channel 4 recently issued a Child Safety Alert on the worsening problem of local students abusing the stimulant Adderall. They spoke to Recovery Keys Medical Director and Addiction Expert Dr. Jeremy Mirabile on this issue.

While Adderall can be a very beneficial medication for those with ADD or ADHD, there can be terrible health consequences when someone who does not have a prescription for it uses it. This is becoming more and more common in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area, according to healthcare specialists. Students with prescriptions are passing Adderall around to classmates, thinking it will help them study.

But abusing Adderall can be dangerous. When it gets into the wrong hands, it can cause health issues including cardiorespiratory problems, abnormal heartbeat and increased anxiety. Dr. Mirabile is quoted in the story about how such abuse can lead to more addiction and affect a teenager’s still-developing brain:

“ There is no telling what the consequence could be. When there is experimenting with controlled substances outside of prescribed ranges – and not being medically monitored on top of it – I’m very concerned…Parents need to pay attention – a change in behavior can be indicative of some kind of abuse.”

Multiple local students have ended up hospitalized this year due to Adderall use outside of a medical prescription. If you’re a parent of a local teen, speak to your children about the dangers of using medication not prescribed to them. As Dr. Mirabile has said, this can lead to even greater addiction issues down the road.

If you’re concerned a loved one may have issues with prescription medication, reach out to Dr. Mirabile and the Recovery Keys team of addiction experts now.

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